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Mandiri a/n PT Citra Beton : 1090018899997

BCA a/n PT Citra Beton : 0611737229

We are PT. Citra Beton, a company focus in production and delivery a superior quality of concrete / ready mix using computerized “Batching Plant”, and also including Piling Production, Sales of Sand and Granite.

PT. Citra Beton well known since established on December 30th, 2009 as stipulated in Notarial Deed of Establishment No. 287 made before Yondri Darto, Sh, Notary in Batam, and has been approved and registered by the Authorized Ministry, we are located in a strategic areas at Kavling 20 Sei Lekop, Kampung Becek – Sagulung, Tanjung Uncang, Batam.

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Ready Mixed Concrete






Kav. 20 Sei Lekop, Kampung Becek, Sagulung, Tg. Uncang, Batam – Indonesia


+62 778 7367 179, 736 7279, 736 7228


+62 778 736 7220

PT. Citra Beton

Sei Lekop Kav. 20, Kampung Becek, Sungai Lekop, Sagulung, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29472