Batching Plant is a tool to mix all the ingredients in the production of readymixed concrete in large quantities, it used to control material compostion under to remain a consistent quality of readymix concrete pursuant to a the standard quality of slump value and strength.

The sections of batching plant :

  • Cement silo as a repository and keep the cement remains in excellent condition.
  • Belt Conveyor, to pull material (coarse aggregate and soft aggregate) upwards from bin to the storage bin
  • Bin, as a material collection point (coarse aggregate and soft aggregate) from material in the base compusing wheel loader.
  • Storage Bin, as aggregate fraction divider, Storage bin is divided into 4 (four) fractions, namely : aggregate coarse grain (split), medium grain (screening), granules (sand), and fly ash.
  • Scales on Batching Plant, to measure materials, there are 3 (three) scales, namely : aggregate scales, cement scales, and water scales
  • Dosage Pump, to add admixture such as retarder
  • Water Shelter, as a water supply in production